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Updated: Jan 25, 2020

I am involved as an owner or co-owner in two businesses, and, yes, I am going off subject, away from my usual subjects. My insight today regards volunteering to pay the modern mafia dons, who don’t send strong fully gun toting thugs to collect the monthly dues to do business. Our new mafia dons that we as business people willingly cough out high money rates to for business, are the high tech companies, beginning with Google, FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yelp and a host of others.

We used to use the telephone directories and directories aimed at and specific service or manufacturing enterprise. Now we have almost completely replaced those for Google.

It was already seven years ago and more that I discovered Google can be quite useless. I had wanted pecan trees, and searched the Internet for months. Visiting a brother-in-law in North Carolina, in a slack moment used his computer and did a search for pecan trees. I found many companies surface that never ever showed up in my home or business computer. There were pecan tree companies showing up on his computer that were in my area. I kid you not!

I then stumbled on a conference by a liberal and he spoke about how Google uses algorithms according to, not just your location but according to their research on who you are. We have learnt over recent years how Google, FaceBook and Twitter work against conservatives. Yes, that is an issue.

However, it is also reported that a Google search is extremely useless in many other searches also to the everyday user. Sometimes, while Google is aimed towards the everyday user, it is beyond useless for many other services, industries and manufacturers. Useless, useless, useless.

I find that sometimes we can be profoundly foolish. Why did the businesses of old not stand up to the mafia dons? Why did they not organize against them and have them defeated? Why did so many just surrender to the atrocities against them?

One reason is CONVENIENCE.

Yes, it is that convenience that drives us to hang ourselves by buying cheap and unhealthy Chinese goods. It’s that convenience that causes us to surrender our private lives to Google and Facebook who have become billionaires using our surrender as their marketed products. It is convenience that is empowering another mafia don who owns Amazon, but also Walmart before him. It’s as if we constantly hang ourselves, and do so mostly in the name of convenience.

I am always learning, and while we turn to inadequate, insufficient Google or Yelp, several millionaires and billionaires have stated that there is no substitute for door to door marketing, especially for new businesses. Simply, it’s the go-getter that usually succeeds. Confirming an old time proverb, The hand of the diligent tends to plenty.

Find innovative and yes, still use tried and tested old ways to have your own breakthrough. At we’re always striving to be better.

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