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Updated: Jan 25, 2020

  1. Design and Planning What changes do you want to make to your property? How do orientate your new home or addition in relationship to the sun, ease of access or the lie of the land? There are financial and legal issues to be considered. We all have wish-list home, but the hard reality of costs can kick us in the teeth. Honestly, not all of us want to live in a mansion that will bankrupt us, unable to keep up with the maintenance. We are wisely realistic. There are Level Five walls. The top, most skilled workmanship in multimillion dollar homes. Yet, most houses under a million dollars are Level Three walls and 95 percent of people are unaware. Its what 95 percent of the people can afford. It's also the reason most walls (and ceilings) are textured to hide the imperfections. I'm pretty sure you did not know it. RemodelOKC will have with bath and kitchen ideas, floorplans and to determine the dream you can afford. We'll help you with secure your personal tastes to suit your lifestyle and your neighborhood.

  2. Project Management We bargain with tradesmen on your behalf and secure the subcontracts, establish schedules, organize materials and keep detailed records. Some say, there are no friends in business. At RemodelOKc that is not a philosophy we share. People we have worked for have become our lifetime friends. There are There may be Excavation or Backfill required, Clearing and Digging tasks before construction. RemodelOKC will contact the utility companies on your behalf.

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