Advertising Issues

I am involved as an owner or co-owner in two businesses, and, yes, I am going off subject, away from my usual subjects. My insight today regards volunteering to pay the modern mafia dons, who don’t send strong fully gun toting thugs to collect the monthly dues to do business. Our new mafia dons that we as business people willingly cough out high money rates to for business, are the high tech companies, beginning with Google, FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yelp and a host of o

Contracting Out

Contracting through RemodelOKC helps you save time and money and can help towards better peace of mind. Contracting helps you improve your home through RemodelOKC who organizes and coordinates tradesmen including foundation and concrete tradesmen, skilled carpenters, electricians and plumbers. Remodeling your home can save you on real estate commissions, builder markups and in costs of materials. Right now America is thriving with the economy doing better than it ever has in